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This Week's Developer Reading List

A list of book releases compiled by Dr. Dobb’s to keep you up-to-date on software development tools and techniques.

Rails Test Prescriptions: Keeping Your Application Healthy (beta)
by Noel Rappin
This book is a comprehensive guide to testing Rails applications, covering Test-Driven Development from both a theoretical perspective (why to test) and from a practical perspective (how to test effectively). It covers the core Rails testing tools and procedures for Rails 2 and Rails 3, and introduces popular add-ons, including Cucumber, Shoulda, Machinist, Mocha, and Rcov. This title is currently available in "Beta." If you buy the eBook now, you'll be able to download successive releases of the eBook as the authors add material and correct mistakes. You'll get the final eBook when the book is finished. If you buy the combo pack (Beta eBook, and finished Paper Book) now, you get the Beta eBook immediately. You'll get the finished paper book when it's released (estimated to be October 15, 2010).

OSGi and Equinox: Creating Highly Modular Java Systems
by Jeff McAffer, Paul Vanderlei and Simon Archer
The authors show how to make the most of OSGi and Equinox for building highly modular dynamic systems. Readers will quickly get started with Eclipse bundle tooling, creating an OSGi-based system, and will move rapidly to sophisticated production development. Next, readers will learn best practices and techniques for creating systems with exceptional modularity and maintainability. Also covered is OSGi’s Declarative Services and how to use them to solve a wide variety of real-world problems. Finally, the authors present a complete case study project that takes readers from early prototype through application delivery.

The Art of Assembly Language, Second Edition
By Randall Hyde
This book teaches programmers how to understand assembly language and how to use it to write powerful, efficient code. Using the proven High Level Assembler (HLA) as its primary teaching tool, The Art of Assembly Language leverages your knowledge of high-level programming languages to make it easier for you to quickly grasp basic assembly concepts.

SAMS Teach Yourself Basecamp in 10 Minutes
by Patrice-Anne Rutledge
By working through 10-minute lessons, readers will learn everything to quickly and easily get up to speed with Basecamp, a leading web-based project collaboration tool.

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