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Training for OpenEAI Analysis, Development, Deployment and Administration

The OpenEAI Software Foundation, a nonprofit corporation organized to develop and promote open-source enterprise application integration, announced that Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, will host OpenEAI training seminars in March and April 2009. The OpenEAI Analysis & Development training will be held March 23-25, and the OpenEAI Deployment and Administration training will be held April 27-29.

The training is free of charge. A donation of $50 per person is suggested to help cover printing costs for training materials.

The OpenEAI Analysis & Development Training will cover the following topics:

  • EAI and SOA Demonstration and OpenEAI Example Enterprise Tour
  • OpenEAI Examples Deployment and Setup
  • Enterprise Greeting Service Analysis Template
  • Enterprise Greeting Service Development, Deployment, and Testing
  • Enterprise Warehouse Connector Analysis Template
  • Enterprise Warehouse Connector Test Suite
  • Enterprise Warehouse Connector Development
  • Legacy System Analysis Template
  • Legacy System File Connector
  • Special Topics of Local Interest & Flex Time

The OpenEAI Deployment & Administration Training will cover the following topics:

  • OpenEAI Overview
  • Core EAI Services
  • OpenEAI Examples Setup
  • OpenEAI Examples Working Tour
  • Selecting Message Transports
  • Using a JMS Provider
  • Working with HTTP/HTTPS and SOAP
  • Working with XML Messages
  • OpenEAI Request Message Proxy Service
  • OpenEAI Synchronization Message Routing Service
  • OpenEAI Message Logging Service
  • Topics of Local Interest & Flex Time

    The OpenEAI Project is an open-source project dedicated to discovering and documenting the controlling dynamics, principles, and practices of enterprise application integration, and to present, implement, and promote those findings to its members and community through the open source licensing of its software. The Project is comprised of six distinct, but closely related departments, which address OpenEAI methodology, application foundation APIs, message Object API, message definitions, reference implementations, and deployment and administration that together comprise the core services of the OpenEAI ESB. The development, availability, and evolution of open source Enterprise Application Integration software is important to IT managers at enterprise corporations within all industries. More information about the OpenEAI Project software, documentation, and licensing information is available at www.OpenEAI.org. For complete details and to register for these training events, visit https://www.regonline.com/openeai-development.

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