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WaveMaker RAADAD for aPaaS

RAD software development company WaveMaker now comes forward with WaveMaker Enterprise. This is software to run end-to-end Application Platform-as-a-Service (aPaaS) for rapidly building custom jobs.

WaveMaker Enterprise claims to be the only commercially available Rapid API Application Development and Deployment (RAADAD) software integrated with a Docker container-architected aPaaS.

This enterprise version adds middleware and its Docker-architected PaaS to extend WaveMaker Studio, the company's free and open-source development platform. The product is positioned as being able to enable developers to work with standard enterprise-grade technologies to create apps that can be extended or customized.

Those apps can consume APIs, visualize data for insights, and automatically support multi-device responsive interfaces. "At the same time, WaveMaker Enterprise enables IT to optimize and improve management of its app infrastructure by providing a GUI console and capabilities that leverage the power of Docker containerization," said the company.

To satisfy "consumerized” employees and "social-media-empowered" customers is, of course, hard work. WaveMaker Enterprise's proposition is one that supports hybrid environments so that organizations can deploy apps in the public cloud or on private infrastructure, and deploy containers on top of virtual machines or on bare metal. So-called "click-to-deploy" release management workflows mean that very little deployment or operations expertise is necessary to get a custom app up and running.

"The creation and delivery of custom enterprise apps hasn't changed in decades, so enterprises can't effectively meet today's demand for greater agility, flexibility, and support for multiple devices," said Samir Ghosh, CEO of WaveMaker. "We offer a change from previous approaches, even aPaaS. Ours is the first aPaaS software specifically developed for enterprises to run their own Docker-architected aPaaS and optimize cloud and multi-device custom app delivery — from rapid development through ongoing management on their private infrastructure or a public cloud."

"The power of abstraction is that it drives agility, simplicity, and innovation," said Stephen Hendrick, principal analyst for application development and deployment research at ESG. "Modern approaches to Platform-as-a-Service, such as those from WaveMaker, leverage open-source capabilities such as Docker, AngularJS, Hibernate, and PhoneGap to craft a well-abstracted platform for application development, deployment, and operations. This strategy yields a platform that is effective at developing sophisticated applications that can be deployed easily and quickly while supporting enterprise needs for security, lifecycle management, and application management."

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