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3M Announces Multi-touch Developer Kit

3M Touch Systems has announced a multi-touch LCD developer kit that tracks up to 10 individual fingers and is compatible with the Windows 7. The 3M Multi-touch Developer Kit is a 19-inch wide-aspect ratio (16:10, 1440x900 resolution) LCD display with built-in touch technology. Supporting standard flick and scale gestures, as well as accurately tracking 10 individual fingers from single or multiple users, this display has a glass surface and less than 15 milliseconds touch response.

"3M is very excited to offer a developer kit that supports true multi-touch functionality," says Scott Hagermoser of 3M Touch Systems. "Software developers have been clamoring for multi-touch functionality and the upcoming release of Windows 7 only increases the need for a full multi-touch display. With the availability of this multi-touch developer kit, software developers now have a projected capacitive hardware platform that finally fulfills the promise of true multi-touch interactivity which they can use to build next-generation software applications."

For more information on multi-touch software development, see Gestures, Multi-touch, and Microsoft Surface and Designing for Multi-Touch, Multi-User and Gesture-Based Systems.

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