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5 Reasons Why You Should Enter This Competition

June 09, 2010

I've just seen David Mackay's blog highlighting a competition where you can win money and software tools. Each day, starting on June 14 through the following 20 work days, a question will be posted here. You can win by correctly answering a question.

Here's my five reasons why I think you should enter:

  1. The competition is free.
  2. I can't enter (Intel employees are barred) -- but you can. If you win, I'm sure my circle of friends will increase :-)
  3. There's $500 prize money and Intel Parallel Studio just waiting to be won. (There are other prizes as well).
  4. Intel Parallel Studio is a great productivity tool for writing applications.
  5. Maybe you can win, impress your boss, and get that well deserved pay rise.

You can find more information in the FAQ.

If you are wondering what you can do with Intel Parallel Studio, then look here.

Best of luck, and let me know how you get on.

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