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Apigee Launches Global API Delivery Network

API specialist Apigee has launched its Apigee API Delivery Network as a new initiative designed to deliver data and web services to mobile devices. The company's enterprise API platform proposes to help companies open up their data and services via APIs to fuel their mobile, multi-channel strategies.

Based upon claims that its platform helps drive developer adoption, Apigee says that it also provides free tools that make it easier for developers and providers to explore and use APIs.

Although Apigee's press-facing product statements are overloaded with positive adjective-heavy self-promotion, it does appear that this new network could help optimize API speed, uptime, and delivery to mobile devices.

The network hosts customer APIs in multiple Amazon EC2 cloud regions across the globe, while also providing intelligent caching and mobile optimization for faster load time, while offloading processing-intensive functions such as API authentication, traffic management, and transformations.

"APIs are the foundation of interdependent web services and businesses are increasingly providing APIs to share their online data and services and enable development of an ecosystem of third-party applications," said Chet Kapoor, Apigee CEO. "Our network ensures that applications built on our customers' APIs deliver optimized data with extremely high performance and high availability to mobile devices anywhere in the world."

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