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Cloud Developer Tools Upgraded

LongJump, a provider of software that powers Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), has updated its LongJump Business Applications Platform. Version 6.2 includes features that enable enterprises and ISVs to deliver secure web applications that address unique business problems or a specific vertical market.

The new features of LongJump, geared towards private cloud applications, focus on giving developers tools to automatically create unique and dynamic user experiences, certifying information and processes, and adding greater depth to the data model.

Features include:

  • Dynamic, Rule-based Layouts that automatically adjust the section and field visibility based on business rules and criteria.
  • Multiple Layout Styles including wizard, accordion, tab and sectional and mixed mode layouts so developers can select the best method for viewing or editing information.
  • Multiple View Styles including list, tree and thumbnail and mixed mode views provide developers with flexibility in how users interact with application data.
  • Role-based Workspace Configuration Control lets developers present dynamic data, widgets, or other useful application information.
  • Translation Workbench lets developers create and publish a multi-tenant application in multiple languages. Each user sees the language specific to their profile.
  • Digital Signature Support including multiple hierarchical signature blocks.
  • Field-level Change Tracking and Auditing and record level event driven snapshots.
  • Data Model Inheritance: N-level object inheritance support creates design efficiency.
  • Workflow Inheritance support for workflows created on parent objects will be inherited by child objects. Also applies to data policies, validations, layouts and indexes.
  • Object Model Viewer helps developers visualize entity relationships.
  • Automated Remote Package Deployment further streamlines the process of packaging and deploying applications between development, testing and production instances.
  • Automated Upgrades provide the developer with controls to either automatically push grades, let the user manually upgrade, or selectively upgrade groups of subscribers.

"Taking your business to a SaaS delivery model requires a robust, mature approach with a very rich set of tools," says LongJump's Pankaj Malviya. "With this latest enhanced release, we're providing developers from private enterprise, to government agencies, to international corporations with a flexible, secure platform to deliver applications that outfit them with the solution and broad toolset to design and build applications that unique fit their business."

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