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CollabNet TeamForge 6.1 Helps "Scale" Agile

CollabNet's TeamForge 6.1 Agile development platform has been released as a means of speeding Subversion file and code sharing across globally distributed teams.

Following the trend being set by companies at every level of the software application development spectrum, CollabNet's new product features social coding capabilities.

The company also highlights the platform configuration capabilities in TeamForge 6.1 which, it says, delivers up to 70% faster time-to-market by codifying the Agile software development and organizational management practices that CollabNet's customers have implemented over the past decade.

"Our interviews with application development professionals revealed that scaling Agility is a common issue — and that scaling Agile practices requires implementing tools," stated the May 2010 report by Forrester Research, Inc.

"The Forrester Wave: Agile Development Management Tools, Q2 2010," written by Dave West and Jeffrey Hammond, notes that "this is particularly true when the team is spread across many locations and is working on many projects."

CollabNet says that TeamForge 6.1 includes a major architectural enhancement that overcomes enterprise WAN networking inefficiencies to deliver LAN-like performance — users can check out large Subversion binaries and code in minutes rather than hours at distributed locations around the world.

Making some fairly bold claims, CollabNet asserts that it is the only Agile ALM vendor that has leveraged the published and proven Subversion APIs to overcome corporate network latency issues and enable local teams to perform resource-intensive ALM functions such as continuous builds and large Subversion file reads and writes while collaborating with the rest of the project team.

"TeamForge enables social coding to flourish in even the largest, most distributed enterprises, increasing asset reuse, knowledge sharing, and efficiency. Micro-site content can be dynamically updated through web publishing, and improved social coding collaboration is enabled with discussion threads, RSS support, and wikis, now featuring a rich set of community developed utilities. Social content is automatically correlated with defects and project artifacts, driving traceability and software reuse," said the company, in a press statement.

"The new version of CollabNet TeamForge accelerates project cycles by up to 70% by codifying the Agile software development practices that CollabNet's customers have implemented over the past decade in our cloud platform," said Lothar Schubert, senior director, product marketing, TeamForge business line, CollabNet.

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