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Compuware-dynaTrace Reaches 4th Generation APM Platform

dynaTrace software has laid down its fourth-generation application performance management (APM) platform. Logically named dynaTrace 4, the core of the new product centers on the company's PurePath transaction tracing technology, which examines application behavior and performance under load.

While it is not immediately clear which elements of PurePath dynaTrace has augmented and enhanced with the version 4 release, the company has given us a reminder of this technology's core function set. With real-time business transaction insight, users get what the company likes to call "proactive problem determination and hotspot analysis" for operations.

Along with faster high-quality releases for application teams, dynaTrace suggests that PurePath will provide accurate troubleshooting whenever performance problems hinder scalability or user satisfaction.

"As customers look to their APM systems to provide greater business value with less effort, dynaTrace 4 will deliver breadth, depth, and ease-of-use," said John Van Siclen, president of Compuware's dynaTrace subsidiary. "Not only will dynaTrace 4 introduce an extended PurePath technology, it will also introduce the first stage of our Gomez integration. With PurePath at the core, I see dynaTrace innovation and value accelerating as we continue to tightly integrate with the market leading offerings from Compuware/Gomez."

Note: The Gomez platform is a solution for optimizing the performance, availability, and quality of web, non-web, mobile, streaming, and cloud applications. The Gomez approach to application performance management starts by measuring end user's experiences and all the components that contribute to it to proactively detect performance issues, quantify their business impact, and accelerate resolution.

dynaTrace 4 requires zero-configuration, auto-discovering the application at runtime. When applications change, dynaTrace 4 auto-adapts, eliminating the on-going maintenance required with other APM systems.

"We've been using dynaTrace across the lifecycle now for over three years," said Charlie Weiblen, VP of engineering at IntraLinks. "dynaTrace was the most innovative APM product I had seen then — and with dynaTrace 4, they've blown that away. I'm happy I discovered dynaTrace years ago, and can't wait to upgrade to dynaTrace 4 with its many advances in power and simplicity — particularly continuous recording of transactions, which is key for a cloud-based service like IntraLinks."

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