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Electric Cloud Announces Public Cloud Support

Electric Cloud has extended its developer tools in support of the public cloud. According to the company, software developers will be able to automate and accelerate the software production process on physical, virtual, or public cloud computing resources.

The company's ElectricCommander software production automation solution now features an integration with the Amazon Web Services platform. This allows ElectricCommander to dynamically manage computing resources running in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), in addition to or instead of running on in-house resources. Further, Electric Cloud's full product line is now validated to run entirely on the Amazon Web Services platform.

"Adding public cloud resources at strategic times in the build-test-deploy cycle will enable software teams around to achieve even greater efficiencies," said Martin Van Ryswyk, vice president of engineering at Electric Cloud. "But once companies move these mission-critical operations outside the firewall, it's critical that they maintain the same enterprise standards they employ inside their walls, or else the effort can be risky and costly. That's why using purpose-built automation and management solutions like ours are important considerations when contemplating running procedures such as builds and tests in an public cloud environment."

Regardless of where the computing assets are located, Electric Cloud offers the following enterprise-class features that help companies gain maximum benefits from virtual and cloud-based environments:

  • Step-level parallel processing lsts developers break down a large process, such as a build or a suite of tests, into individual steps, so each can run in parallel on separate resources for faster throughput.
  • Support for heterogeneous builds and tests with a single system.
  • Integration with leading virtualization solutions. Electric Cloud supports virtual machines from vendors including VM Ware and Microsoft.
  • Enterprise security. Electric Cloud provides fine-grained access controls, strong encryption, and other security measures necessary to ensure that procedures are safe when run outside the corporate firewall.
  • Multiple team, multiple project support, no matter where the teams are physically located.

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