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Exception Analytics Tool Unveiled

PreEmptive Solutions has announced availability of Runtime Intelligence Exception Analytics -- software and managed services that provide near real-time visibility into application stability across multiple platforms, architectures and surfaces including mobile, rich Internet, cloud-based, and thick application clients.

When exceptions occur "in the wild," diagnostic information is typically difficult to capture, limited in scope, inefficiently delivered, difficult to analyze, and expensive to manage. With the emergence of distributed computing platforms, smartphones, and rich Internet frameworks, gathering this kind of runtime data has never been more difficult or more critical. Runtime Intelligence Exception Analytics addresses each of these issues directly:

  • Data capture. Data capture at point (and time) of failure is automated with no programming required -- no agents to manage -- running across all physical and logical application layers
  • Exception scope
    • Contextual data is included beyond the “stack trace” including historical, custom, and technology stack
    • Benchmark data can also be captured including “healthy” usage over time, across applications, and across users
  • Data delivery. Data transfer with appropriate opt-in and security controls are automatic supporting both online and offline scenarios
  • Exception analytics
    • Content management and integration across applications, user communities, and any relevant business (CRM) dimensions and;
    • Comparative analytics to identify hidden trends and dependencies are all included

  • Efficient implementation and management
    • Injection of exception reporting post-compile reduces or eliminates any additional programming and can be accomplished after the development phase is complete
    • Encoding and enforcement of opt-in policy supports diverse sets of user communities and controls -- even within a single application
    • Automated delivery and management of information shortens response times, and reduces support expense while maintaining security
    • Managed service provides infrastructure, security, and scale through ready integration into CRM, QA, and IDE platforms

"Identifying and remediating defects is an inescapable and expensive part of the software development process," says PreEmptive Solutions' Gabriel Torok. "Runtime Intelligence Exception Analytics offers a powerful means to improve application quality and increase user satisfaction."

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