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eXtreme Application Platform (XAP) 7.1 Launched

GigaSpaces has released eXtreme Application Platform (XAP), version 7.1, which automatically implements dynamic scalability and multi-tenancy, based on an organization's individual business requirements.

XAP eases development, deployment, and operations with its new API for the Elastic Data Grid. Users input their business requirements, and XAP deploys and configures the data grid cluster automatically.

XAP automatically maintains SLAs during production. When existing machines exhaust their resources, when a machine fails, when loads change, or when machines are added, XAP automatically adjusts the cluster and rebalances the application. Users do not have to manually intervene to make sure there is enough computing power or memory.

If an organization has special requirements, XAP is flexible enough to allow for custom deployment behavior via its administration API, which provides fine-grained control and monitoring over all deployment parameters.

XAP 7.1 is the world's first middleware platform with built-in multi-tenancy. Not only does it significantly simplify development, but it also provides better isolation among multiple users and independent life cycle management for each tenant. The Elastic Data Grid offers one simple parameter defining the isolation level, allowing a variety of configurations such as allocating a dedicated machine per application, allowing multiple instances of the application to share the same resources while isolating others, or sharing everything among everyone.

XAP 7.1 features concurrent transaction management for improved utilization of multicore processors. This follows previous improvements in multicore utilization, which resulted in up to 300% performance improvement on the Intel Nehalem processor.

GigaSpaces XAP 7.1 is certified for use with Cisco UCS, which can form a cluster that reaches a memory capacity of several terabytes with massive computing power. This combination offers a full, scalable stack -- from the hardware to the application level -- enabling deployment in one API call for even the largest in-memory operations.

Additional Features in XAP 7.1 include:

  • Extended in-memory querying capabilities, bringing the data grid closer to the querying capabilities of traditional databases
  • Real-time troubleshooting whereby administrators can automatically gather dumps and logs from a large number of machines when any suspicious event occurs or get logs and dumps from an entire distributed system at the click of a button
  • First milestone of web-based dashboard.

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