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Forecasting Quality Cloud Apps In Changeable Weather

Transaction performance management specialist Precise has released version 9.0 of its cloud infrastructure management tool, which is focused on managing Quality of Service (QoS) for applications during and after their migration to a cloud infrastructure. Underlining its distinct ability to handle mission-critical applications, Precise 9.0 approaches application QoS on top of virtual infrastructures with an appreciation for constant change and contention for shared services.

Precise points out that application transaction problems have become much more difficult to pinpoint in the cloud, due to the multiple virtualization layers around the application itself, the database, and the storage layer. Precise 9.0 aims to fill this void by providing application, database, and storage managers with a "single pane of glass" to analyze transactions in flight, isolate problems, and even guide resolution:

  • Precise 9.0 tracks every single transaction from end-users all the way down to the storage level in real time, providing unprecedented visibility to application owners
  • Precise 9.0 automatically finds the cause of application transaction problems in the Java code, database, or storage, accelerating repair of application slowdowns
  • Precise 9.0 visually presents the impact of VM events on application performance, allowing application owners to reduce risk of failure

"We use Precise to monitor the performance of our SAP application, which is accessed every day by thousands of ZIM customers, partners, and employees," said Jorge Melman, SAP infrastructure team manager, global database department, global IT infrastructure division for ZIM, one of the largest shipping companies in the world. "Using Precise we can determine which users are having performance problems, and in many cases identify the root cause of the problem, even while the system is executing millions of transactions. This real-time visibility and the user interface in Precise version 9 has made Precise a central tool for monitoring SAP at ZIM."

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