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Jinfonet JReport 10.1 Jumps For Java

Java reporting tools company Jinfonet Software is rolling its latest developer offering out this week in the shape of the JReport 10.1 tool. For some time now the company has been pushing to improve data visualization across the enterprise, so with this new product Jinfonet specifies that end users can visualize their business intelligence data with a high-performance reporting server and new visualization features.

Jinfonet claims that JReport 10.1 now provides visualization features that should lead to "actionable information" for both developers and other end users across the enterprise. There is support for over 40 chart types that zoom, scroll, and filter — and end users can interact with data by instantly changing chart types and styles.

"As part of our new visualization rollout, JReport 10.1 presents JDashboard, the new dashboard with a mashup of components that allows end users to build custom dashboards according to their needs. JDashboard enables end users to drill into and fully interact with their data," said Dr. Bing Yao, president and CEO of Jinfonet Software.

JReport 10.1 now supports both AJAX and Flash components, giving developers the ability to deploy in either format to provide end users more options to interact with the on-page reports. The AJAX support is said to allow equally high functionality and reporting ability to extend to all platforms that do not presently support Flash.

According to Jinfonet's website, "In addition to rich visualization, JReport 10.1 continues to enhance performance and scalability with a new fully distributed cluster server. The new architecture will be able to tolerate configurable N-simultaneous failures."

The system is being promoted as "highly scalable" with the ability to dynamically add or repair nodes, allowing it to process any number of reports or support any number of users. A new data cache function permits reports to minimize data access and share information, thereby (in theory) improving overall performance and report time. In addition, Jinfonet says that JReport 10.1 can fully support the cloud environment — with support for cloud reporting with high performance and linear scalability.

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