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Open Source Sandbox-Hosting Program For VOIP App Developers

San Diego based open-source communications software company ZTelco Technologies has partnered its hosted IP PBX and VOIP hosting technologies with Enteracloud Solutions' cloud infrastructure technology. The sum result of this new alliance is a free sandbox-hosting program for VOIP application developers.

The new sandbox program is designed to allow developers to get early experience with (and provide feedback on) next-gen VOIP technologies and hosted IVR (interactive voice response) scenarios.

The free IP PBX and VOIP hosting sandbox program is a limited program offered as an open beta on a first-come first-serve basis. The beta hosting account includes an introductory set of disk space and minutes.

"Since a new update to the Hosted IP PBX developer program was recently introduced, we wanted to extend the sandbox hosting program to give developers the chance to test publishing to a live hosting environment and provide feedback based on their end-to-end application deployment experience using the new release," said Jake Hansen, founder of ZTelco Technologies. "It's a great opportunity for developers to participate in improving the application deployment experience."

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