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OutSystems Jumpstarts Pre-Baked Agile Apps Suite

OutSystems has rolled out its Agile Platform version 6.0 this week under the general banner of reduced application development complexity at the enterprise level. Front and center in the new platform is the [email protected] offering, a suite of open source, "change ready" business applications for developers to jumpstart their learning process and deliver functional business applications quickly.

Without specifying whether its latest product is an attempt to dumb-down the development process for rookie programmers, the company does point out that each application has been built to showcase (and therefore presumably teach) good application design to the programmers who decide to use this free open source tool.

With an automated try, change, go-live function for every app, the suite itself is presented with individual applications that OutSystems says will address what it calls a "problematic business process" that nearly every company needs to automate and evolve as their business changes.

The applications are fully integrated using a service-based architecture and cover key business functions including Human Resources, Customer Relationship Management, and customer facing web applications such as eCommerce.

"Enterprise IT has always been unnecessarily complicated, but now with the added nuances of the cloud and an increasingly mobile workforce, the complexities threaten to overwhelm IT, particularly in the realm of application development," said Paulo Rosado, CEO at OutSystems.

"The Agile Platform 6.0 aims to cut through the red tape surrounding application development in the enterprise, providing a scalable solution for almost every development scenario, from extending legacy applications with web 2.0 front-ends to the full-fledged construction of device-agnostic mobile applications. Our goal is to make IT simple without compromising enterprise robustness, scalability, and future change," added Rosado.

In addition to [email protected], the new suite is offered with the following components: Go Mobile Initiative: powered by the branded IntelliWarp and TrueChange technologies; Do it in the Cloud: a cloud-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering; and Ease of Use: a tool to provide streamlined development, simplified application portfolio management, and enhanced operational control.

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