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Parallelism - full speed ahead!

October 09, 2009

Over recent weeks Intel have been involved in some exiting developments that continue to strengthen contribution it is making to the world of parallel programming. Aquisition of Rapidmind and Cilk I'm sure will complement and enhance today's solutions that Intel offer. See Reinders on Rapidmind and Reinders on Cilk for more opinion on this.

Looking at my diary of events around multicore for the upcoming months, it seems clear to me that the world of Parallel Worlds is 'full speed ahead'.Of the ten events I'm speaking at in the coming weeks, I'd like to highlight two hands-on events and one demo-based seminar. The Hitex Embedded Multicore seminar is focusing on multicore in an embedded context.

The QBS Multicore seminar will be of interest to 'normal' programmers (BTW - I've never met a normal programmer :-)).

If you are in Norway you might want to lookin on the PC-Ware Intel Seminar

In the next blog I'll give you more information on some other upcoming events

I look forward to seeing some of you at one of these events!

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