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PRACE Awards 320 Million Compute Hours

Ten research projects, five from Germany, two from the UK, one each from Italy, the Netherlands, and Portugal, have been awarded access to the Partnership for Advanced  Computing in Europe (PRACE) infrastructure. In total 321.4 Million compute core hours were granted. Sixty-eight applications requesting a total of 1870 Million compute hours were received in this call, which was the first opportunity for researchers to apply for PRACE resources.

The successful research projects are in the fields of astrophysics, earth sciences, engineering, and plasma and particle physics including collaborators from 31 Universities and research institutes in 12 countries. These projects will have access to JUGENE, IBM BlueGene/P, hosted by the Gauss-Centre for Supercomputing member site in Julich, Germany, which is the first Petascale HPC system available to researchers through PRACE. It is the fastest computer in Europe available for public research.

The projects were chosen for their high level of scientific and technical maturity, demonstrated need for Tier-0 resources, and the fact that they will able to achieve significant scientific results within the initial grant period of four month. All proposals underwent a peer review process including PRACE technical and scientific assessment.

More information on the projects is available on the PRACE website.

The 1st PRACE Regular Call for one year allocation is open until 15th August for projects from all scientific areas.

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