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RunRev's Developer Tools For The Creative Apps Race

RunRev Ltd has unveiled a new set of enhancements and features to its LiveCode development platform. The company says that the release of version 4.6 for iOS and desktop reflects the broad interest and strong demand for developing apps in this space -- and that new functionalities will focus on feature-rich, multimedia-orientated application creation.

As well as bug fixes and minor enhancements, the product now comes with support for: iOS 4.3 simulator, SQLite databases, ZIP files and XML on iOS devices, iOS native text entry fields, and multiple camera support. There are also improvements to native web browser control and native control functions as well as full screen video playback and support for native playback within a region.

"With this major release we are setting the pace for developers to build cross-platform, cross-device apps with a fast, flexible platform," said Kevin Miller, CEO of RunRev. "Over 20 new iOS features combine to give better data management, a better multimedia experience and ultimately better apps. This release includes a full set of new features and many developer requested refinements including support for working with very large images on Mac OS X and public key encryption support and cryptographic-quality random data generation."

"LiveCode is a solid, stable, and highly adaptable development platform that allows our team to focus on the task at hand and bring their creativity and flare to the fore," says LiveCode customer Alex Morrison of Cogapp. "We have been a long-standing RunRev customer and are well aware of the benefits that a natural-language programming solutions offers. Before LiveCode we debated how we could marry industrial-strength application development with a level of flexibility and quality needed for our dynamic and demanding projects."

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