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SAP's 'Single Source Of Truth' Lifecycle Management App

SAP has today used its SAP Insider PLM 2011 conference in Orlando, Florida to unveil the newest release of its product lifecycle management (PLM) offering. The new 7.01 version of the SAP PLM application is designed to act as a software-based solution that companies can use to manage product development processes, from initial ideas through manufacturing to final market deployment.

Equally positioned as a tool for software development ALM needs and wider PLM process management, SAP says that the new product helps break down departmental silos, helping increase margins, shrink research and development costs, and ensure compliance and product safety.

According to the company's website, "SAP PLM empowers companies with a 'single source of truth' connecting all critical business processes and information required to successfully develop and launch new products and services."

The product features what SAP calls 'connected idea management' into the design process so that software developers (and professionals in other disciplines) can capture new ideas and promote open innovation. "Deeper integration of project and portfolio management (PPM) with SAP PLM aligns the design and development processes," says SAP.

SAP's new tool also comes with the following features:

  • Embedded product compliance: Comprehensive analytics and sustainability reporting from design through manufacturing and service -- reduces risks and protects final product deployments.

  • Integrated product development: Engineering and manufacturing bill of material synchronization supports product development from beginning to end, eliminating manual reporting and freeing up more time for innovation.

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