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Soasta Launches Free, Enterprise-Class App Testing

Cloud application performance tester Soasta has launched CloudTest Lite, a new free product designed to address performance testing for web and mobile applications at any stage in the development lifecycle.

This "free, but still enterprise-grade" solution gives application testing professionals the option to test apps from the start of their lifecycle.

The company stresses that today, no web or mobile application can have slow response or downtime without creating serious (commercial) risk.

Soasta contends that through performance testing from the earliest stages of development, CloudTest Lite can help ensure that apps can handle anticipated traffic with ease.

"CloudTest Lite eliminates the barriers to conducting critical performance testing of web and mobile applications," said Tom Lounibos, CEO at Soasta. "Developers and seasoned testers alike can test application performance at low levels throughout the development lifecycle and identify issues early to lower costs and get to market faster."

Claiming to operate the world's largest platform for testing the performance of web and mobile applications at scale, Soasta says that CloudTest's patented visual test creation, automated test server provisioning, and real-time resolution allow testing teams to execute performance tests with unparalleled speed and agility, whether testing internally or from the cloud.

With CloudTest Lite, customers can:

  • Test web and mobile applications, including applications using the latest technologies from HTML5 to REST web services
  • Quickly build tests with visual test creation tools
  • Integrate application, system, and network monitoring data
  • Analyze results in real-time through an interactive, integrated dashboard
  • Easily upgrade to a more scalable CloudTest edition to meet expanding testing requirements

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