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TG'10 Conference Set

The fifth annual TeraGrid conference, a meeting of the nation's largest and most-comprehensive distributed cyberinfrastructure for open scientific research, will take place August 2-5 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

This conference, called TG'10, gathers a community of academic researchers, technologists, students, resource providers, vendors, and government officials interested in advancing cyberinfrastructure (the organized aggregate of information technologies, organizations and human expertise and resources) for the benefit of science and society.

Dr. Bob Wilhelmson from the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) and Dr. Gabrielle Allen from Louisiana State University (LSU) are confirmed keynote speakers for TG'10.

Dr. Wilhelmson will speak about anticipated science advances with Blue Waters, which comes online in 2011, and Dr. Allen will talk about how computational modeling of complex relativistic systems (black holes and neutron stars) has enabled advanced scenarios using large scale compute resources, distributed grids, and high speed networks. Both speakers will discuss how TeraGrid supports this work and what is needed from software and compute-intensive environments in the future.

Interested participants can submit papers and abstracts for the Science, Technology, Gateways, and Education tracks, and abstracts only for all other parts of the TG'10 conference, through May 10. Full details of the submission process, which will showcase the capabilities and achievements of the nation's largest open-access scientific discovery infrastructure, can be found at the TG'10 submissions website.

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