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The Wonderful Thing About Tiggr HTML Prototypes

Software engineering company Exadel has unwrapped its new Tiggr Beta program, a subscription-based web prototype for creating and previewing interactive HTML prototypes for web and mobile apps.

Exadel is playing the now quite familiar "let's engage all stakeholders in the design and creation of the GUI" card with this new offering.

"Tiggr makes communication and collaboration with all project stakeholders simple and lightning fast. For the majority of instances where only one user is editing, when an additional user joins the project, collaboration sync automatically kicks in," said the company, in a press statement.

Users can now save any screen as a template and then use that template to create and customize new pages, set events such as OnClick, OnChange, etc., and associate actions with those events such as setting a value or opening a pop-up window. The real-time IM feature in Tiggr is now complemented by the addition of an annotations feature where you can add notes to the prototype further assisting successful communication.

"Engaging stakeholders in the design and creation of the user interface for web applications can be challenging for any design house or internal team," said Fima Katz, CEO of Exadel. "Tiggr is designed to solve this problem as well as empower mobile application developers with first-of-its-kind capabilities for building mobile web and native apps for any device."

With "thousands of projects" created using Tiggr during the successful 7-month beta program, Exadel has incorporated new features and usability enhancements in its web prototype builder that make it easier than ever to build rich UI prototypes.

Features include rapid prototyping with Web Preview (HTML/JS/CSS generation), social sharing, and the ability to upload your own image assets. The mobile palette also offers controls based on the jQuery Mobile framework for iPhone, iPad, Android, or any other mobile device.

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