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Voltaire Intros Open MPI Accelerator Software

Voltaire has announced Open MPI Accelerator (OMA) software that, the company claims, increases the performance of Open MPI-based applications in server and storage environments by nearly 30 percent.

Voltaire OMA works transparently over any interconnect technology that works with Open MPI, including InfiniBand and 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE). It improves inter- and intra-node communication by freeing up intra-node resources resulting in faster performance for leading HPC applications. This can translate to greater productivity and time-to-market for companies in industries ranging from manufacturing, oil and gas, research, weather and government that rely on HPC applications to meet their business objectives.

Voltaire has conducted benchmark tests with OMA and several leading commercial HPC applications based on Open MPI. According to the company, one of these benchmarks revealed that Voltaire OMA improves performance of OpenFOAM tutorial benchmarks by as much as 28%. This is in addition to running micro-benchmarks such as MPI OSU and IMB (Pallas). Voltaire OMA integrates seamlessly with Open MPI and requires no special tuning to achieve the desired performance improvements.

"In an economic climate of shrinking IT budgets, Voltaire OMA enables customers to get even greater performance out of their existing Open MPI-based infrastructures and delivers an almost immediate return on investment for intensive HPC environments," said Voltaire's Asaf Somekh. "Customers operating either InfiniBand or 10GbE for their server and storage connectivity can now use software to get an extra boost of performance for their business-critical applications."

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