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Wolfram Releases Mathematic Player Pro 7

Wolfram Research has released Mathematica Player Pro 7, a platform for delivering interactive applications built with Mathematica 7 technology. With the recently released Mathematica 7, Wolfram Research added more than 500 new functions and claims to be the first in the technical computing industry to integrate parallel computing into its standard product. The new Player Pro 7 comes with the same built-in technology to parallelize computations over multiple cores. It also supports other application areas introduced in Mathematica 7, including image processing and on-demand curated data, while retaining all the features of the original Mathematica Player Pro 6 released with Mathematica 6.

"It's been an easy decision to build parallel computing into Player Pro 7," said Conrad Wolfram. "Player Pro was conceived as the ultimate technical runtime -- something equipped to deploy the unique richness and performance of Mathematica-made apps."

Player Pro 7 gives access to Mathematica 7- and 6-compatible applications, allowing full interaction with Mathematica's capabilities -- executing multicore computations at runtime, performing adaptive visualization, controlling dynamic interface elements, connecting to real-time data, and more. Developers can build applications in Mathematica and then use Player Pro to deliver them cost effectively to anyone.

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