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October 22, 2014

Invariants for Binary Search, Part 2: Refining The Specifications

This week, we will try to define more carefully the problem we would like to solve before leaping into the solution.

October 20, 2014

Dead Beef and DFU

Every time LabTool starts, it waits for the host computer to send it the firmware to execute.

October 16, 2014

Invariants For Binary Search, Part 1: A Simple Example

We can use an invariant to help us reason about a piece of code that many programmers find hard to get right by any other means.

Parallel Source Code


November 07, 2008

Published source code accompanying the article by Sergey Babkin in which he presents Advanced Mutex, a parallel programming pattern. - Parallel

Associated article: File Descriptors And Multithreaded Programs

Tags: C/C++     Tools     Parallel     Design    


July 01, 2008

Published source code accompanying the article by Petru Marginean in which he presents a lock-free queue where one thread can write to the queue and another read from it--at the same time without any locking. Also see LOCKFREE.ZIP. - Parallel

Associated article: Lock-Free Queues

Tags: C/C++     Parallel    


October 10, 2007

Published source code in the article by Herb Sutter in which he examines critical code sections for guaranteeing mutual exclusion on shared variables. - Parallel

Associated article: Apply Critical Sections Consistently

Tags: Design     JVM Languages     .NET     Open Source     Parallel     C/C++    


October 10, 2007

Published source code accompanying the article by Mohamed Abo El-Fotouh which describes a distributed system in which a single Windows machine controls a Linux cluster. - Parallel

Associated article: Distributed Computing: Windows and Linux

Tags: Security     Parallel     Design

June 08, 2007

- Parallel

Associated article: RapidMind: C++ Meets Multicore

Tags: C/C++     Open Source     Parallel     Embedded Systems     Design    


May 07, 2007

Published source code accompanying the article by Edwin Verplanke in which he examines performance optimization techniques for multicore processors. Also see OPTMULTI.ZIP. - Parallel

Associated article: Optimizing Software for Multicore Processors

Tags: .NET     C/C++     Parallel     Embedded Systems     JVM Languages     Design    


March 09, 2007

Published source code accompanying the article by Daniele Paolo Scarpazza, Oreste Villa, and Fabrizio Petrini which presents algorithms and strategies they've used to make breadth-first search on graphs as fast as possible on the Cell multi-core processor. Also see CELL.ZIP. - Parallel

Associated article: Programming the Cell Processor

Tags: C/C++     Parallel     Embedded Systems

August 03, 2006

Unpublished source code accompanying the article by by Andrew Colin in which he unravels Ant Colony optimizers which can be used to simulate routing problems when network topologies change over time. Requires UNZIP/PKUNZIP to extract. - Parallel

Associated article: Ant Colony Algorithms

Tags: C/C++     Parallel     Design    


March 01, 2006

Published source code accompanying the article by Karen McMenemy and Stuart Ferguson in which they examine real-time virtual reality by showing you how to use DirectX and OpenGL. Also see RTVIDEO.ZIP. - Parallel

Associated article: Real-Time Stereoscopic Video Streaming

Tags: .NET     Parallel    


February 01, 2006

Published source code accompanying the article by Rodney Mach in which he address issues involved in porting 32-bit Macintosh applications to 64-bits. Also see MACOSX64.ZIP. - Parallel

Associated article: Mac OS X Tiger & 64 Bits

Tags: Open Source     Parallel