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BlazeMeter Pours Sauce Labs On Testing

BlazeMeter, the leading load and performance testing as a self-service platform for mobile, web, and APIs, today announced a new multi-phase technology partnership with Sauce Labs. This technology partnership enables developers to combine both functional and performance testing with BlazeMeter and Sauce Labs platforms, streamlining the testing process.

In a PR statement, founder and CEO of BlazeMeter Alon Girmonsky has suggested that JMeter and Selenium are "the best" open source functional and performance testing tools. "The combination of the two companies and solutions will provide an industry standard testing stack based completely on open source," he said.

As the first step in the partnership, developers can now run performance tests on BlazeMeter using Selenium scripts simulating thousands of virtual concurrent users, each emulating a real browser or application, using a mobile device on a mobile network. Selenium performance testing is said to be suited for complex applications, and this new feature offers a solution for large-scale retailers who can now create performance tests quickly.

In the next phase of the partnership, BlazeMeter and Sauce Labs users will have access to an integrated solution for testing. This integration promises manifold benefits, including a single dashboard for all front-end and back-end testing KPIs and the ability to view the actual user experience on the browser when the site is under load.

"BlazeMeter does for load testing what Sauce Labs does for functional testing," said Steve Hazel, chief product officer, Sauce Labs. "With BlazeMeter's new support for Selenium, our services fit together better than ever. Developers can now efficiently cover different testing needs with a single investment in open source tools and skills."

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