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Bow To Your API Sensei!

Winner of the award for best use of Japanese martial arts in a technical branding campaign, SmartBear Software is stressing the importance of API testing with the launch of its "tool-agnostic" API Testing Dojo for API developers to gather information about all things API, understand the domain, learn best practices, and hone skills.

"The need for higher interconnectivity between apps is at an all-time high, and continues to grow at a rapid pace along with the use of APIs," said Matti Hjelm, product owner of SoapUI at SmartBear.

The API Testing Dojo is organized into three sections — World of API Testing, Best Practices, and Testing Katas, and covers everything from basic concepts like why test in the first place, to more advanced topics like how the DevOps trend affects quality and the QA professional, as well as the state of API security.

Numerous resources are available at the site, including recommended software tools, blogs, conference and event listings, technical articles, and more.

SmartBear is the owner of the SoapUI API testing tool. This open source tool allows testers to create and execute automated functional, compliant APIs, and load tests. For the API Testing Dojo, click here.

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