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(Cloud-Based) Load Testing Apps Behind The Firewall

Borland has updated its Silk Portfolio quality and performance tools with automatic detection and suggested resolutions functionality.

Silk Central Connect has introduced new features for cross browser testing across web and mobile web applications. This release extends support to include Safari on iOS, meaning Silk Central Connect now provides cover for over 95% of all market browsers.

Borland users can also embrace HTML5, web, and mobile development and test across a variety of platforms. With preconfigured Amazon images that support Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer, Silk Central Connect initializes the configurations and executes the tests for cross browser configuration testing.

"To address the challenge of cloud-to-cloud based application performance testing, Silk Performer CloudBurst has extended its support to include Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure in addition to Amazon Web Services," says the firm.

Archie Roboostoff, Borland Solutions Portfolio Director at Micro Focus, has detailed Silk Performer CloudBurst with VPN tunnelling functionality that has been added, "enabling cloud-based load testing of internal applications behind the firewall without the burden of costly setup and hardware."

Support for Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure, as well as Amazon Web Services (AWS) has also been added, providing more choice and scalability.

It allows users to load test cloud-based applications from a separate cloud platform. Users can also simulate users from 14 different global locations to understand a global customer experience without requiring the infrastructure or setup complexity.

“The Silk Portfolio end-to-end quality solution helps development organizations manage the uncertainties and risk brought about by new technology platforms, multiple devices and network speeds, and the increasing pace of product deliveries, all while ensuring the new notion of quality throughout the software development lifecycle,” said the company.

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