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Continuous Quality Inside Continuous Integration

Perfecto Mobile has announced its MobileCloud plugin for Jenkins. This technology automates testing with real devices during the Continuous Integration (CI) process.

The plugin allows testing to be integrated during each development build and also offers connectivity to the firm's own Mobile's Continuous Quality Lab.

Continuous Quality inside Continuous Integration is the next step in development today, says Perfecto.

"Perfecto Mobile's Plugin offers Jenkins users an important component to support the shift to CI with mobile test automation," said Steven G. Harris, SVP of product at CloudBees, the enterprise Jenkins Company. "With instant access to real devices at scale, through Perfecto's Continuous Quality Lab, Jenkins users can automate mobile testing across the entire application development lifecycle, providing the rapid feedback needed to improve mobile app quality."

The Continuous Quality Lab is a unified real-device lab that supports the modern mobile app development lifecycle from design through post-release monitoring. It is comprised of services to manually test apps, automate integrated functional and non-functional testing, and proactive application monitoring. The enterprise grade lab is open and pre-integrated into popular development and quality tools.

"Development teams are striving to deliver apps faster, which in turn is driving the market to shift towards Continuous Integration and incorporate quality throughout the entire app development cycle. As a result, enterprises are looking for a process to ensure continuous quality as they try to keep pace with this rapidly evolving market all while reducing risk," said Roi Carmel, SVP of product at Perfecto Mobile.

MobileCloud Jenkins plugin will automate the process of Continuous Integration. Users can take advantage of Perfecto Mobile's unattended test code execution on real devices connected to real networks and leverage ScriptOnce automation to create wide-ranging test scenarios for functional and performance quality assurance.

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