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DevExpress TestCafe Update (v14.1.2)

New releases this month include TestCafe v14.1.2 — a new version the functional testing framework for web applications from DevExpress.

DevExpress web program manager Mehul Harry says that there have been several changes to the product. He focuses on the Extended Reporter/CI API and says that the most popular continuous integration (CI) system report formats — JUnit and NUnit — are now supported.

In terms of Test Parameterization, TestCafe now provides a way to define data sets (test cases) and use them as inputs to run the same test with a different set of data each time.

"If there are many test cases, you can save them to a separate JSON file. This is also useful if you are going to share these data sets with other tests and fixtures. We've also added support for mixins that represent reusable test code snippets", said Harry.

The DevExpress technical blog explains how to use a mixin to log in to an account before viewing or editing a profile. The "Authentication" mixin contains three steps: enter login, enter password, and click the "Submit" button. When you need to log in to an account, just call the "Authentication" mixin in the "Log In" step. This will allow you to reuse code without duplicating it.

The team also boasts of improved architecture for greater reliability and performance and, more crucially perhaps, to close many outstanding issues.

Looking at Test Run Metadata — a new property (this.__workerName) has been introduced to the TestCafe API. This allows your test code to retrieve the name of the current worker.

"[We have also included a] new installer with GUI runner for Mac OS Users; TestCafe for Mac OS now ships with a simplified installer that initializes the testing environment as well as installing the product. There is no need any more to unpack the TestCafe distribution and configure it using the command line," added Harry.

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