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Don't Just Test, Do Cross-Browser Test

Telerik has updated its Test Studio application development tool with features including cross-browser test recording and subscription-based pricing, as well as load testing of web services and mobile traffic. Test Studio R2 is aimed at what Telerik calls aid for "multiple constituents" — i.e., developers, quality assurance professionals, and test management.

If we accept that users access web applications by various browsers that interact with web apps in different ways, this can cause custom controls to behave inconsistently. Test Studio cross-browser compatibility is supposed to enable testers to record and playback tests in different browsers out of the box. It helps to align the user experience in every possible browser and version for better test coverage and more accurate test results.

Telerik also says that web services with high response time and poor performance are an issue, so Test Studio sets out to provide a better picture of system performance across its layers by load testing the system's UI and web services.

Real-world simulation of user load against a site or a web service enables QA to find out how web apps scale when hit by many users. With mobile load testing, profiles can be created that represent various device traffic sources. So in theory we see that when combined, multifaceted load testing expedites quality of apps across systems.

There is also distributed test scheduling and execution here and this is intended to speed the testing cycle for better test coverage by mixing functional, load, and performance tests in a single test list. Also available in Test Studio are advanced testing solutions for rich HTML5 applications.

"Proper testing involves much more than traditional QA. It involves multiple layers of the development organization — developers, line of business, test management, and more. Telerik Test Studio is designed to offer effective solutions for every level of the testing cycle with features, reporting, scheduling, and pricing to accommodate a myriad of need," said Christopher Eyhorn, EVP of ALM tools, Telerik.

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