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Free Code Review Shop For Ten-In-A-Team Developers

SmartBear is making its code review technology available in two new solutions formats: one for the SoapUI community, which is currently estimated to sit at over one million users — and one positioned for small companies and development teams.

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CodeReviewer will allow software application development teams of up to 10 members to review code at no cost. But of course, for teams of up to 25 developers, CodeReviewer Pro is available with wider code review functionality and full technical support. Both tools join enterprise-ready Collaborator (formerly CodeCollaborator) in the SmartBear family.

"SmartBear [produces] enterprise-class commercial code review capabilities," said Mark Hammer, senior product director at SmartBear. "With CodeReviewer, we have tailored our code review functionality to the specific needs of small companies and development teams at mid-sized organizations."

Hammer points to a recent study by SmartBear on the industry's code review practices, suggesting that more than 70 percent of survey respondents conducted collaborative review in some capacity — and those who do review are twice as likely to be highly satisfied with their overall software quality.

NOTE: A separate study carried out through Cisco entitled "Best Kept Secrets of Peer Code Review," claims that code review can be conducted within one-fifth of the time with SmartBear code review when compared with more traditional, heavy-weight reviews.

SmartBear's full product offering allows customers to upgrade when needed. It supports the code review practice of organizations of all sizes by focusing on software quality first. CodeReviewer and CodeReviewer Pro are supported by website support resources at that provide development teams with documentation on how to use the tools.

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