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Free Facebook Testing For FbStart Developers

Facebook has chosen Appurify as part of its new FbStart "bootstrapping" program, which provides developers with free tools and services.

The initiative was initially announced in April of this year at the firm's f8 developer conference for attendees only — it is now open pen to any developer with public iOS or Android applications in development.

Appurify is providing developers with six months of free access to its cloud testing platform, AMP Auto. This platform offers access to hundreds of real iOS and Android devices for performance and quality testing.

Using a dashboard interface, developers can upload a build of their app and run tests on "real devices" utilizing the Appurify Robot — an automatic app crawler that stress tests their app to find performance and stability issues.

Test output is displayed in the dash with full video, CPU/memory usage, network traffic, and crash logs to help debug issues and improve performance. Appurify will also offer its network condition tool, which can be used to test various carrier and signal strength conditions so developers get a better picture of how their app works under real user conditions.

Additionally, developers will also receive AMP Manual — Appurify's on-device application that can be utilized for local QA. AMP Manual runs in the background during a QA session, capturing advanced data that helps in debugging and issue resolution for engineers.

"We're excited to be a part of FbStart, giving free testing tools to developers and entrepreneurs to help their apps succeed," said Manish Lachwani, CTO and cofounder of Appurify. "App development is hard and pre-launch testing is becoming increasingly important — releasing a buggy app to market results in a poor user experience and a potential hit to revenue, so developers need to make sure their app is of the highest quality before releasing to market."

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