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How Do We Learn Composite App Testing-Speak?

Software defect tracking company Parasoft has produced a new version of its eponymously named SOAtest product with additional support for electronic data interchange (EDI), fixed length, and delimited (CSV) message formats. Positioned as a tool suited to what its makers denote as both "functional and performance" related testing, SOAtest configures, sends, and validates "virtually" any text-based message via a forms-based interface.

Parasoft VP Wayne Ariola rationalizes the need for a product like SOAtest on the fact that communication across today's composite applications often involves industry-standard message formats like EDIFACT, HL7, HIPAA, X12, and so on. There are also some "very distinct specialized formats" (as he puts it) used in niche markets.

"Our goal with this release was to ensure that organizations leveraging any of these message formats could take full advantage of SOAtest's interface when they're configuring, sending, and validating the messages that drive their business. Another major enhancement in the new release is enhanced REST and WADL support, which provides an additional layer of control for RESTful services," said Ariola.

The new support ensures that only valid values can be entered when configuring a message, alerts the team when tests need to be updated, simplifies updating tests as the WADL evolves, and ensures the interoperability of WADLs.

Other key features introduced in the latest release include:

  • HP ALM 11 and Quality Center 11 integration
  • Groovy, JSR 223-compliant scripting support
  • Queue browser support for any JMS provider
  • Load Test "active reporting" and WebSphere 8 monitoring support
  • New supported technologies & environments (NTLM v2, Eclipse 3.7, .NET WCF 4.0, XPath 2.0, Jython 2.5, Firefox 10, Chrome 17)

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