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Never Release Without Environmental Factors

Plutora Test Environment Manager arrives this month as a cloud-based test environment application. The firm claims to be the only cloud SaaS provider on the market that brings together Enterprise Release Management and Enterprise Environment Management in single comprehensive SaaS solution.

The firm's Test Environment Manager is focused on pre-production environments and works for test environment managers to manage all layers of standalone and integrated environments all through the cloud.

"Unifying the test environment process within the enterprise requires complete transparency on all processes," said Plutora's Dalibor Siroky . "Up to 30-40 % of testing time is often lost in environment related issues. Plutora's Test Environment Manager tracks configuration versions and highlights all releases impacted in the event of environment failure. Delivery and operations teams operate from consistent, up-to-date information."

This Test Environment Manager product allows users to raise in-take requests in a central system. It provides a view of all projects and allocated test environments and creates a visualization of planned downtime against various environments for data refreshes, application upgrades, or planned environment integration switching.

A central repository of test environment configuration and application version identification exists, plus an option to manage environment change requests between all environments (SIT, UAT, and Staging) using a customization workflow.

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