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QASymphony Releases Cloud-Based QA Testing Tool qTest

With a beta program that included feedback from as many as 500 companies from 23 countries completed, QASymphony is now ready to announce the general availability of qTest.

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This cloud-based test management product is being positioned as suitable for "small and growing" QA testing teams.

NOTE: QASymphony has offices in Dublin, California and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Programming teams obviously need formalized quality control procedures, and the reality is that some fail to bring in this process element. This release addresses the more cost-aware smaller developer shop with a product capable of managing requirements, designing test cases, planning test execution, tracking defects, and generating status and quality-metrics reports.

The cloud solution proposition means that developers can potentially access work from anywhere on any browser at any time.

One delighted customer in the British province of Northern Ireland was happy for the PR team to put her on the record saying, "qTest responds well to quick inputs. It's easy to imagine that the tool was developed by testers."

The big sell here is that qTest is said to be "comparable" to enterprise-class test managers such as HP Quality Center, but with a lower cost per user per month subscription model.

qTest integrates with defect tracking and ALM providers such as VersionOne, Fogbugz, Jira, and Bugzilla as alternatives to the application's built-in defect tracking tool. qTest also integrates with the qTrace screenshot capture and defect capture tool, which can submit bug reports directly into qTest to increase the testing team's productivity.

QASymphony Cloud-Based QA Testing Tool qTest

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