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Real Testing Must Have "Depth" Of Data

Appurify's Mobile Platform (AMP) is intended to give developers a route to pinpoint and troubleshoot quality and performance issues pre-release.

This product provides an automated view of an app's "real-world performance" across a range of real devices, OS configurations, available memory, screen orientations, networks, signal strength, and so on before publishing to the firm's own app store.

Appurify has a team device of lab, developer, QA, ops, and management professionals that get "visibility and actionable intelligence" to shorten development cycles.

Depth of Data

The Appurify API allows developers to integrate real device testing as part of their existing development process. AMP looks at "depth of data" and identifies the severity and impact of problems that need further research, and track trends over time — this includes network capture details, crash reports, frames per second, CPU/memory data, and video.

Company CEO Jay Srinivasan says that he wants to further validate challenges developers are facing in the market, so Appurify has also launched its "The State of Mobile Development & Performance in 2014" report.

The key findings of the study point to the practice of looking at user reviews. Developers have become too reliant on user reviews to spot quality issues, with 60% of developers scanning user reviews at least daily. Updates are too frequent for manual testing, making the problem worse. App updates have increased 62% over the past year, and 42% of apps and websites release updates at least once each week, which is too rapid for effective manual testing.

Jonah Kowall, Research Vice President, Gartner comments in a recent report: "The contribution of mobile applications within a business strategy is becoming paramount. The building, support, and operations of these mobile application presences are often decentralized. This trend will change over time, shifting toward a centralized model for support and operations requiring a consistent view of the mobile application performance and availability. Tools to understand and measure the quality and performance of applications are emerging both as best-of-breed solutions and as part of a broader APM strategy. Organizational struggles must be addressed inclusive of changes in skill sets and the technology to support these platforms."

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