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Smarter Than The Average Load Testing Bear

SmartBear Software has this week introduced loadUI Pro and upgraded its soapUI product to form a duo of testing software with the ability to monitor server side performance. Targeting testers working to refine API's such as web services, loadUI Pro is a commercially charged version of loadUI, SmartBear's open source load test solution for APIs.

In light of the mix of externally sourced web services and API protocols employed by today's "complex composition applications", SmartBear suggests that its product is needed to perform "meticulous functional and load testing analysis" during both pre-deployment, throughout application lifecycle, and onward into regression testing post-deployment.

In operation, loadUI Pro generates scalable, high-volume, real-world load from a number of local and remote computers to help assess the impact felt on server load in terms of CPU and RAM usage. From its reports, the product should allow testers to channel information on database performance and resource utilization back to developers — it will also help identify the root causes of bottlenecks "anywhere" in the server stack.

Version 4.5 of soapUI has new test debugging functions to help streamline test creation. It also benefits from "improved assertion" to simplify the test validation process. Multi-environment support is available to enable quick changes between target test environments.

The new Test On Demand feature enables users to extend testing beyond the desktop and network by running tests from two external locations in SmartBear's monitoring cloud for free. Additionally, soapUI 4.5 provides an improved experience for Mac users and addresses several Mac OS X issues.

"In the open source community, loadUI and soapUI have proven themselves as powerful, free tools helping developers to test and improve their code every step of the way. These releases not only make testing more streamlined and easy to administer but also provide a new level of insight so that roadblocks to quality become more apparent and easier to resolve pre-production," said Niclas Reimertz, GM of API testing solutions at SmartBear.

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