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Solid Cloud API and Development Testing Tools

Is cloud-based service-driven software application development actually happening yet? This is the question that many programmers are asking and this is the point that Skytap is trying to address as a provider of self-service application development environments in the cloud. The company this week announced that Parasoft's virtualization, API testing, and development testing products have been included in the Skytap TapIn Partner Program.

Under the terms of the partnership, Parasoft customers will gain access to Skytap's SaaS solution through two joint product offerings designed to help enterprises build, test, and release better software in less time.

"Our partnership with Parasoft is a great example of how we are able to combine Parasoft's embedded development and service virtualization solutions with Skytap's on-demand development and test environments to help organizations reduce the time, effort, and cost to deliver secure, reliable, and compliant software," Wayne Monk, vice president of business development and alliances of Skytap.

Cloud-focused software application developers can now use Parasoft Virtualize plus Skytap Cloud as an on-demand complex test environment. This will work, and here is the most interesting part of all, with existing virtualized environments as well as simulating non-virtualized infrastructure (including mainframes and external services) to more closely mirror their production environment.

The technology itself aims to provide better test coverage, increased velocity, and greater throughput.

Also available to developers is Parasoft Unit Test and Static Analysis plus Skytap Cloud. This product combination uses the Skytap Cloud service to provide on-demand access to multiple, concurrent test environments and continuous integration allowing development and test teams to perform parallel unit testing and static analysis to automate and shorten their testing windows.

"Access remains one of the most daunting barriers to SDLC acceleration," stated Wayne Ariola, chief strategy officer for Parasoft Corporation. "Whether we're talking about access to dev/test environments or access to dependent applications, the ability to pull all the required pieces together in order to test thoroughly is equivalent to herding cats. The Parasoft-Skytap partnership delivers ubiquitous, global access to complete dev/test environments, allowing organizations to deliver software faster, with reduced business risk."

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