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Telerik Puts Bigger Endpoint On End-To-End

Telerik has taken the wraps off of a new version of its Test Studio automated software testing ALM and content management product. Focused on .NET development and also available as the scaled back Test Studio Express, the new release sports beefed up load testing capabilities, integration with HP Quality Center and Defect tracking systems, as well as an "easy to use" exploratory testing tool.

NOTE: HP Quality Center is a web-based test management tool intended for use when defining releases, stipulating requirements, scheduling and planning tests, executing tests, tracking defects, alerting developers on changes and, logically, analyzing results.

Despite Telerik's general boosting of its product's spec, the company's Christopher Eyhorn positions the product as now suitable for smaller development teams. Pointing out that load testing can be an extraordinarily complex domain, which has historically required tools costing tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, his goal is to bring load testing to smaller organizations by making it affordable.

"Test Studio's load testing functionality leverages the existing infrastructure of the solution's performance-testing feature, thus enabling customers to run a load test and a performance test simultaneously to see how a specific one-user experience performs when a server is experiencing high load across multiple protocols and technologies," said the company.

New features include:

  • Simple and intuitive setup, configuration, and execution
  • Multiple channels for designing user profiles
  • Live results analysis
  • One Virtual User license type that covers multiple protocols
  • Test Studio Explore — an in-browser extension for exploratory testing that allows customers to capture and send feedback directly from the application.

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