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uTest Adds Unity Game Development Engine Support

News this week from mobile app testing company uTest details support for the Unity mobile development engine in the company's Apphance mobile quality tool. This adds to support for mobile apps written for iOS, Android, and Windows.

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Unity in this instance is one of the largest mobile game development platforms. It is described as an entire mobile game development ecosystem, starting with a powerful rendering engine and a continuously updated development toolset with the Unity 4.v release.

The message from uTest is that now, Unity's roughly two million mobile game developers can use Apphance to see "highly detailed diagnostics" of each bug or crash, helping them identify the root cause of any problems that may arise. It also now provides access to uTest's 90,000 crowdsourced testers worldwide to help try and ensure app quality.

Once Unity developers' apps are running Apphance, they will be able to learn how their games are performing in testing and in production, and see bugs and crashes with complete device information, including OS version, device type, battery state, or location.

They will also be able to use live charts to provide instant information about how many crashes and issues are happening at any time, plus visualize and learn what happened in a particular user session, including memory utilization, log events, bugs, and crashes.

Developers working with Unity who are targeting their apps to iOS or Android devices will have access to the same Apphance features available for the other platforms, including over-the-air build distribution, crash reporting, bug reporting, and user feedback.

NOTE: In addition, Apphance for Unity works in pre-production (when the app is still in testing) and production (when the app is available from an app store).

According to uTest, "With more and more games running on mobile devices first, getting a game tested in-the-wild is incredibly important. Apphance makes it easy to deploy an app to uTest's community, capture defects when they happen, and get valuable coverage stats ensuring that an app has been adequately tested and is ready for launch."

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