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When Crash Reporters Really Hit Testing

At the risk of giving a public platform to yet another firm describing its tools as "unique" when so little is genuinely new or unparalleled, Ubertesters says its software offers a new approach to a free, cloud-based, mobile application testing platform that keeps the mobile app project manager in total control over the app testing cycle.

"Unlike many crash reporters out there (Testflight, Crittersism, Crashlytics, Hockeyapp), Ubertesters offers much more than crash reporting. With crash reporters, the tester has no way to influence the testing cycle and they are passive during the process," says the company's CEO Ran Rachlin.

With Ubertesters, the tester can submit bugs, provide detailed analysis of the bug found, and all from within the app while on the go — and the platform offers a bug-reporting tool with multi-platform support (iOS, Android, and Win Phone).

Ubertesters allows mobile apps project managers to hold the reins over the mobile beta testing process by providing a management tool (web and mobile platform) and by offering global testers for hire (resources) to the mobile developers. By using the Ubertesters platform (tool), the project manager can manage and monitor his or her internal QA team, and external, outsourced testers.

The platform offers over-the-air (OTA) build distribution system to the testers, a bug-submission tool that enables the tester to define, edit, and mark the bug screenshot prior to sending it to the developer from within the app itself. There are also monitoring and management tools for the project manager such as build management, device management, and team management.

The firm claims that by using the submission tool, the testing process time is reduced by more than 50% and the bugs can be easily reproduced and fixed. The basic Ubertesters platform is offered free with additional features charged.

Ubertesters says it has future plans to offer a crowdsourcing platform to provide developers with access to professional mobile testers across geographies with devices, connect between them, and reduce time-to-market while ensuring the consumer gets a well-tested mobile app.

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