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Wind River Test Management Released

This week sees the arrival of the latest version of Wind River Test Management automated software testing optimization framework. The software is designed to identify high-risk areas of production code, prioritize quality assurance (QA) activities, and optimize engineering resources.

Wind River Test Management now features Android software testing capabilities as well as enhanced testing for security — there is also a built-in fuzz testing package that supports a wide variety of network protocols.

Using Wind River Test Management, operators, device manufacturers, and independent software vendors (and silicon providers) in need of testing Android-based devices can, say its makers, reduce the time and cost to develop devices, improve software quality and stability, and ensure compliance with the Android Compatibility Test Suite.

"Wind River Test Management can automate thousands of heterogeneous Android tests and then consolidate the results into a single uniform database, making analysis of the results faster and more accurate," says the firm.

These packages allow testers to add security testing into their normal QA routine without the need for special hardware or domain expertise. Additionally, Wind River Test Management includes enhanced usability and manageability capabilities with a simplified user interface and fuller integration with the development lifecycle ecosystem.

This latest version of the Wind River UX Test Development Kit is also now available and features testing with patchless execution plus added support for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The kit is designed to help create reusable automated test scripts for Android devices. The automated execution of these real-world tests are said to be able to replace significant manual testing.

"With the growth of Android and increasing concerns around security, it's important to meet the evolving needs of our customers," said Ido Sarig, vice president of product marketing at Wind River. "With a wealth of out-of-the-box test content including security testing features and support across Linux, VxWorks, and now Android, Wind River Test Management helps customers strengthen and accelerate their testing process and time to market."

Additionally, Wind River offers global, CMMI-certified Test Management professional services that combine expertise in development methodologies and project implementation with experience in safety- and security-critical applications.

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