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2012 Jolt Award Winners for Third-Party Libraries

, February 21, 2012 2012 Jolt Award Winners for Third-Party Libraries
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Infragistics NetAdvantage Ultimate

Jolt Productivity Award

Infragistics regularly improves its extensive collection of .NET components, and this year is no different. That's also why Infragistics continues to remain a top vendor in the Jolt awards. The years of experience poured into the collection of components provides support for the full spectrum of Microsoft technologies: .NET, ASP.NET, Silverlight, Windows Presentation Foundation, classic Windows Forms, Windows Phone, and so on.

New in this year's collection of 10 controls are an expressive reporting tool that is as easy to program as it is to look at. There are also several controls that have been ported from Silverlight components to do HTML/jQuery-friendly rendering. This and other improvements further move the world of tools beyond proprietary browser plug-ins such as Flash and Silverlight to industry standard, JavaScript-enabled HTML documents.

Any developer deeply invested in Microsoft technologies should consider an Infragistics NetAdvantage Ultimate license if they haven't already. The company's alignment with Microsoft is so tightly coupled that I expect, with the upcoming release of Windows 8 and the new Metro interface, Infragistics will make another appearance in next year's Jolt round-up supporting the new platform.

— Mike Riley

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