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AccuRev's SCM Play Gets Wider and Bigger

Released this week, AccuRev's Software Configuration Management Enterprise Edition version 5.2 is the company's latest SCM tool. Now charged with an embedded addition of the PostgreSQL open source database, AccuRev is making a play for more enterprise-level customers by also adding enhanced security.

The new product features increases to "element-level" security, internationalization, and scalability, all factors which (theoretically at least) could position AccuRev to better serve geographically distributed teams.

There is also the option to enable software process automation for Agile, waterfall, or hybrid environments by providing increased visibility into the development process. This certainly being the company's message to what it hopes will be a more diverse customer base in the future.

Equally, automated workflows for process compliance, regulatory changes, SOX compliance, and security are all firmly positioned as enterprise-level functions.

"As enterprises of every size look to model, implement, and change their process to better reflect their business needs, AccuRev continues to add new methodology-agnostic process support," said Damon Poole, CTO of AccuRev. "Our move to a third-party database and our enhancements to AccuWorkflow set a new benchmark for software development process optimization and automation."

"People often ask me how to improve their software development process," said Andrew Butel, CEO of Endgame. "My answer is to start with the tools. AccuRev allows for new software development processes to become embedded into a team, or for teams to build on existing processes, achieving fluid and optimized throughput. Changing processes without having the right tools adds overhead and resistance."

AccuRev also introduced AccuWorkflow 2.0, a collaborative process-centric governance tool that automates the software development process with built-in workflow. AccuWorkflow allows for automation and compliance with an issue-based lifecycle workflow directly within AccuRev, which eliminates duplication of work and manual error-prone steps for users.

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