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AdaCore Releases Major New GNAT

AdaCore has released the GPS 6.0 graphical IDE of the GNAT Programming Studio. Described as "significantly revised" with a cleaner UI for navigation and editing, the revised look is supported by a new relational database at the heart of the GPS engine to make code navigation more efficient.

This IDE's main goal is: to serve as a customizable platform for multi-language, multi-tool integration, usable by developers at all experience levels.

While GNAT originally stood for GNU NYU Ada Translator — the front-end and runtime are now written in Ada.

The improvements to the IDE's look and feel exploit the latest Gtk+/GtkAda graphical toolkit and encompass a reorganized interface (including more economic usage of screen space), a global search facility, additional view capabilities, and further support for color tailoring.

GPS 6.0 also now includes language support for SPARK 2014, syntax highlighting, and tool tips for Ada 2012 and SPARK 2014 aspects, editor enhancements, and a number of additions to the scripting API.

"GPS 6.0 comes from a major engineering effort to improve the product's overall usability," said Nicolas Setton, GPS Product Manager at AdaCore. "We have been listening to what customers have been telling us, and this new version should be more than an IDE, it should also be a pleasure to use."

GPS is provided with the GNAT Pro development toolset on most platforms, for both native and embedded software development, and GPS 6.0 is available to GNAT Pro customers for download through GNAT Tracker.

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