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Akiri Launches "The Devbox" Virtual Appliance

Palo Alto-based Akiri Solutions is aiming to grasp a share of voice in the crowded application development automation market with its new web-based bug and issue-tracking tool.

Announced this week, The DevBox is described as a web-based virtual appliance that provides all the tools necessary for implementing new software projects — all fully integrated with unified access control. Source code control is provided by shared Git repositories, which developers can "create in just minutes" says Akiri.

This new tool has been released with automated backup functionality and a built-in wiki that is created automatically, ensuring important project knowledge can be easily captured. Akiri says that the point-and-click file sharing capability simplifies the painstaking process of adding or deleting users and managing permissions versus using FTP sites or shared file servers.

"The DevBox is an all-integrated-into-one, easy-to-use virtual appliance. Although we offer a hosted solution for customers who want or need it, we believe many companies will opt for deploying our virtual machine inside their corporate network where it will be completely under their control," said Matthew R. Laue, CEO of Akiri Solutions.

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