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Altova: Point Solutions Are Pointless

Altova has announced the commercial availability of MetaTeam, its online project collaboration environment. MetaTeam offers practical solutions to the organizational challenges high-performance teams face every day.

"While point solutions addressing the components of project failure exist, there was no single product that adequately solved these problems," says the company.

Attempting to manage teamwork through endless email chains, outdated spreadsheets, and other common but cumbersome project management tools, Altova set out to create a new kind of team collaboration solution.

MetaTeam claims to reduce conflict and add consistency to decision-making. The product integrates the three areas that are vital for boosting team performance: sophisticated project management, collaborative decision-making, and team performance management.

This tool has a streamlined interface that requires no installation or training so that users simply log in and start working. As a team's work grows in complexity they find MetaTeam's power grows with them.

MetaTeam works to try to improve individual team members' performance by clarifying their goals, identifying who can help them meet their responsibilities, illustrating how decisions will be made, clearly defining what terminology means, and where to write documentation and ask questions.

"Real-world studies show that lack of engagement, poor quality work, poor decision-making, and difficulty finding information kill teams. All of these problems can be avoided with better team organization," said David Kershaw, VP of cloud services at Altova. "MetaTeam is truly an eye opening new approach to collaboration that anyone can use to help their team be successful."

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