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Apigee Open Ups Free Enterprise-Ready API Platform

Application program interface company Apigee is making its new enterprise-grade API management platform available to all developers, free of charge, gratis, for nothing. In its own words, Apigee describes its API platform as a means for developers to create and then deliver scalable APIs and apps to market.

The company asserts that businesses that provide APIs can enable applications running on mobile devices and other platforms to connect to and share its data, web services, and brand. In this way, APIs serve as the conduit by which businesses can cost-effectively promote an ecosystem of apps that reach customers and partners on trillions of mobile devices.

Apigee's flagship offering is Apigee Enterprise, an API platform that the company says reduces the complexity of delivering APIs, drives developer adoption, provides comprehensive analysis and control of API usage, and helps businesses scale as API channels grow."

"[With the new free offering] any company can have access to the same API features as giants like Netflix and ATT in a move that will truly shake up the entire mobile and app industry and bring more companies into Web 3.0, the mobile age," said the company. "This move will enable even one-person start-ups to scale all the way up to enterprise level with the Apigee API platform."

The new API platform grants self-service access to a range of enterprise-grade features including: Gateway Services: for safely exposing, managing, and scaling APIs; App Services: for building powerful apps with APIs; Developer Channel Services: for creating a developer community around APIs and apps; and Analytics Services: for generating critical business insights from API data.

"APIs are the foundation of the app economy and can provide a powerful way for a business to quickly expand and reach new customers who use mobile devices," said Chet Kapoor, Apigee CEO. "Europe is our fastest-growing market and we're seeing strong interest across all industries — from leading-edge technology companies to traditional brick-and-mortar businesses."

"Social media giants such as Facebook have proven the power of APIs to fuel a massive number of apps for their business. Now organizations in every industry are using APIs to reach huge new markets through apps on a virtually unlimited array of platforms — from smart phones and PCs, to DVRs, in-car computers, and many others."

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